Spring RTW fashion shows 2010


Verdict: TO DIE FOR. This collection had similar traits to the Burberry Prorsum collection however I believe that Givenchy had the upper hand. Designer Riccardo Tisci has done an incredible job.

Trends: The main trends which Givenchy displayed in this AMAZING collection were  – geometric prints to start the collection followed by sheer pastel stunningly tailored dresses with rounded shoulders TO DIE FOR!

Go out and get: Sheer pastel dresses, anything with a round shoulder, geometric print jackets.

VIEW http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2010RTW-GIVENCHY for entire Givenchy collection.


Verdict: Christophe Decarnin just didn’t quite cut it this show. His previous collection was down right amazing but this looked as if this was a little uninspired and very similar to his first collection, just with a few slashes threw all the pieces. Quite Disappointed.

Trends: Strong military feel to begin with, moving into metalic dresses with strong and rounded shoulders once again, emphasis on jackets!

Go out and get: Patent tights (TIP: Sass and Bide rats, I know they have been done to death but still look great under vintage dresses), military and rock jackets, and metallic anything preferably with a strong  or rounded shoulder though.

VIEW http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2010RTW-BALMAIN for entire collection


Verdict: AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. LOVE IT!! Dean and Dan Caten’s are legends! From Chanel Iman opening the show in that to die for orange dress I knew it would be amazing and it so lived up to that!

Trends: These collection showed you how to dress down beautiful dresses, with edgy accessories, like geek glasses, trucker hats, wearing your heels with socks underneath, and of course these were all very bright.

Go out and get: when you next hit the shops go out and get vintage or vintage inspired dresse and then rough it up with a trucker hat (Tip: Ed Hardy’s are always glam)


Verdict: Iffy very very Iffy… Not to sure what to make of this collection, it was creative and completely different to anything else which was seen in the fashion weeks, but i just feel it was so different it just wasn’t quite exactly what is in or what is going to be in in the near future. It seemed a little 2006 not 2010 or even 2009!

Trends: Mens inspired pieces, which was followed by a safari feel

Go out and get: Since I am not entirely thinking this collection is spot on what is in fashion, I would get a structured jacket in a more maly colour so you have the strong shoulders but still convey what was shown in this collection, and well anything that looks remotely safari like. (TIP: if you are not feeling the whole safary affair invest in little karki coloured tailored shorts, and you can dress it down with tribal gladiators and a sheer femine top)


Verdict: I am a bit bias towards DVS as I just got an amazing pair of her togs (swimsuits) for Christmas and love them to death, and I really think that this lived up to the standards which I have set.

Trends: Love the butterflies in the hair, so girly but different, and the brights seen through the collections.

Go out and get: Well I know a lot of you are not ready to start walking around with butterflies in your hair (although I am on the look out for some) so flowers are also becoming more apparent today, anything bright including chunky bangles (Dinosaur Design anyone?) Similar fabrics and dresses as Zimmermann so Brisbane City!

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  1. georgie

    Oh my i just love this website,
    it gives me so many fashion hints
    and a range of new gossip!
    im totally loving the sass and bide shirt
    it would be an asset in your wardrobe believe me gurl frann!
    xx lovee you

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