Places to Shop

Paddington (Brisbane not Sydney)

Now to be totally honest I do spend a lot of time wondering Latrobe Terrace with one a my good friends, however neither of us tend to take any notice of the store names, as we spend the whole time looking at the contents in the shops not the names. But if you are in Brsibane and are feeling the same trend which we are now all feeling which is Op Shopping definitely make this a priority. So start at the top of the street and wonder down, but make sure you set aside a whole day to make it a thorough shop.

The Antique Market: This is the first shop which I always visit with my friend Georgia, She picks out the  vintage pieces with potential and I decide how to make them fit the trends which are in at the moment. I have to most amazing two vintage black dresses from here so make it a priority.

Retro Metro: I don’t love this shop as I just get bad vibes from it, but it does have some quality vintage pieces, and there is a lot lessing digging around needed.

The Secret Wardrobe: I love this shop as they stock AJE whose latest collection I just die for… and another friend of mine got a dress from there for our schools Year Ten Lunch this year and she looked gorgeous in the dress.

Miss Henry: Stocks Tallulah so is an atomatic winner, however last itme I was in there the shop assistant was looking at her facebook (such a no no) albeit she was quite helpful, and told me I looked nice in this gorgeous body suit.

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