Places to Shop


Being a Brisbane girl who loves to shop I know all the shop in Brisbane like the back of my hand. The first place I recommend you visit is James Street in the Fortitude Valley… I spend so much time there it is actually quite ridiculous.


Scanlan and Theodore… Gorgeous pieces, slightly on the expensive side so be ready to splurge, great service manager of the store has to die for style, and puts outfits together brilliantly.

Sass and Bide… last time I visited Sass and Bide I was a little disappointed as I have been a fan and big customer for many years and it seemed a little off, but usually this store is filled with pieces that you just look at in awe, with sequins on almost everything, and jeans which make anyone look good in it is definitely worth a look.

Gary Castle… Another brilliant Aussie designer however one who makes drop dead gorgeous shoes, this is a must. I personally have never brought anything from here but my sister and mother a massive fans, with my sister buying stunning platnium coloured heels with swarovski encrusted bows on the front! LOVE. And the perfect pair of simple black ballet flats.

Otilly and Lewis… This store has only recently moved to James Street however it would honestly be my mothers favorite store. All the pieces in the store are brought and made all across Europe, which include beautiful clothing, candles, fabrics, and interiors, it is a shop to watch.

Mimco… I have never been a huge fan of Mimco just because it is all a little to girly and predictable for me (but don’t get me wrong I have a fair few Mimco pieces on my dressing table) however last time I visited Mimco, which wasn’t long ago I found some amazing  jewelry  which was incredibly unique and I will be on my dressing table very soon.

Lucid Laundry… If you are a Brisbane teenager who hasn’t been to this store you are weird. I personally don’t love it as it is so typical what teenagers wear but for the large majority of other they swear by it.

TIP: When shopping we all get a little parched so when in James Street visit Quench… I just cannot explain how good the drinks are from here and get the ‘Summer Bling’ I just DIE for it.

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