I have just walked into my sister room and have found her and her close friend ordering $250 worth of Victoria’s Secret products, all because of the show which aired in AUS on Christmas eve.

Verdict: The music, the setting, the models and the clothing was all TO DIE FOR! And I loved every second of it. My favorite section was the PINK section, the opening look which Behati so beautifully brought to life just had me in awe and the wings were so creative it was actually astounding. Fellow AUSTRALIA Abbey-Lee (what a dahl) was just so terrific and stole the show.

Trends: Anything which is just downright, creative, and so awesome it is unbelievable!!

Go out and get: Well no matter where you are in the world be like my sister and just get stuff off the Victoria Secret website.


Filed under Fashion Weeks


  1. Catherine

    Did you take out the tule skirt??
    i thought it was really good

  2. Fran

    Love Love Love!

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