couture couture couture

These are honestly some of the most beautiful and creative collections I have seen in a little while now… I actually can give no BAD reviews!!


LOVE is in the air when I look at this collection… Aren’t we all just feeling the pastel Chanel pant suits?? A total must have

Go out and get: A pant suit, white/silver stockings and bows


Could this collection be more un valentino?? Don’t get me wrong I die for it… but it is just soooo different.

Go out and get: Don’t these stocking just remind you of a thinner pair of Sass and Bide black rats?? I think so…  and also get anything geometric.

Jean Paul Gaultier:

The more I see the more I love!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING on another level very random though but that is Jean Paul Gaultier isn’t it? I don’t think it could be a more creative collection if creativity was thrown at it.

Go out and get: Anything denim (and I mean anything!), anything ethnic inspired, and big hats!!

Christian Dior:

When I thought these collections couldn’t get any better they show me Dior!!! I DIE it is insane I am actually speechless. With the Oscars coming up Dior will be rocking that red carpet as every star will want one of those dresses…

Go out and get: I actually cannot recommend any trends which can come from this collection as it is just tooooo amazing to copy from!!


Didn’t love this collection as musch as the others, however could this ending dress be any more incredible??? It scream wear me to the Oscars! I want it now.

Armani Prive:

I don’t think I could feel any happier at the moment… I actually can’t explain how totally amazing these dresses are it is beyond words… This is the world’s best year to go to the Oscars as the dresses are TO DIE FOR!!

Go out and get: Anything moon shaped and tailored suits

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  1. dippers

    loved armaniprive…
    awesome blog!

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