7 Tips for Winter

Ok so winter may still be a little while away but you NEED to start getting those winter wardrobes together.

1. Those tight/shoe things which I am soooo feeling at the moment to die for. However if you are not entirely confident enough to wear that I love knee high boots (Country road have done a nice pair) or knee high socks (but make them beautiful fabrics and colours nothing tacky please ladies)

2. FFFUUUURRRR I am not saying it must be real but we all need a fur vest in the wardrobe this winter

3. Leather and studs (Sass and Bide studdesd jeans to die for)

4. LARGE jewllery anything goes!  but I recommend something ethnic, or bright

Love this one its from Bam and JuJu in the Brisbane city

5. Off the shoulder anything… it may be cold but this is a must

6. Blazers (mine is a gorgeous vintage Escada which was an absolute steal) but Country Road does a keeper

7. Extremely large scarves that just hang

Hate this outfit but love the knit


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2 responses to “7 Tips for Winter

  1. Annabelle Douglas

    love the list of winter essentials! especially that Bam and JuJu bracelet. will consider it this season. x

  2. Tash

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the bam and ju ju bracelet!!

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