LMFF 2010

Last night I was able to watch my favourite channel  FTV. I don’t have Foxtel at home so whenever Foxtel is avalible 123 is the first channel I visit.

I sat in awe watching a segment from the recent Loreal Fashion week (LMFF). After I got over the bitterness of not being able to attend these shows, I feel in LOVE… with:

– Carly Hunter (I am literally dying for one of her necklaces)

– nom’d (sooo insane)

– Six (Australian Flag dress OMG)

– Joveeba (NECKLACES!!!)

– Limedrop (my new FAVOURITE brand)


Beautiful silks toughened up with heavy boots (Joveeba) (however NOT doc martens) or tribal or unique necklaces (Carly Hunter)

– messy or side swept hair

– dark/deep purples

– Also Carly Hunter is of  very similar style as the brand ‘Soot’ visit http://www.soot.com.au




– www.joveeba.com.au

– www.carlyhunter.com

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One response to “LMFF 2010

  1. camille

    thankyou tory:)
    i have to say though your blog is amazing you have great style:) catch up soon 🙂 xoxo

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